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Clearing Up the Confusion

Christ Our Redeemer
Lucian Farrar, Jr.


You’re Good!  But, are You the Best?
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Derek Bullard's Practical Handbook
Only $5.99
Hmm...  Let’s see...
One fancy cup of coffee
Improve my lot in life?
Which will I invest in today?
THE Book you need to read.
 THE Book you need to tell your friends about. 


Business owners
- Buy one for all of your employees -
- Put a copy or two in your break rooms -

Order this Book, Read this Book, and Discover:

ü 10 things your boss or manager probably won’t tell you. (pg. 6)
ü The benefits of improving yourself. (pg. 7)
What your 1st step should be. (pg. 11)
ü What the constant is. (pg. 13)
ü What your most valuable commodity is. (pg. 19)
ü What the top “on the job” time wasting activities are. (pg. 25)
ü 2 words you should eliminate from your vocabulary. (pg. 29)
ü How to increase your job knowledge. (pg. 30)
ü Why follow-up is important. (pg. 31)
ü Why it is important to identify your benchmark. (pg. 43)
ü If you have to be perfect. (pg. 45)
ü One thing you must not do - ever. (pg. 45)
ü Why it’s sometimes okay to be a squeaky wheel. (pg. 51)
ü A key concept you may be missing. (pg. 54)
ü 4 things to focus on in the face of peer pressure. (pg. 66)
ü How to keep things from falling apart while you are away. (pg. 76)
ü 2 words you should take to heart (pg. 81)
ü What’s in it for you? (pg. 81)
ü What’s in it for them? (pg. 82)
üOne thing you can do to immediately change your work day. (pg. 87)

Now available from James Kay Publishing

“A valuable book for those employees seeking to enhance the
 employee/employer relationship.”
         Michelle Knight
                 Senior Director of Leadership Development & Talent Management
with over 20 years of experience with three of the largest
          organizations in the world.

Being The Best Employee You Can Be! blends practical
experience and common sense principles into a guide book
that can benefit everyone. From the seasoned veteran
looking for new inspiration to the graduate just beginning
their career, this is a must read.”
          Dewayne Atwell
          General Manager of an international
           oilfield service company and manufacturer.

 “Amusing, easy to read, speaks to an employer’s need to
try to articulate to all employees ways to be better
themselves and lose the negative attitudes.”

          Robin Thompson
          Director of Operations - The Major Group


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"...injected some fresh Rocky Mountain air into our hot and humid North Carolina summer."  Cape Fear Crime Festival

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"We are pleased to promote Mr. Bullard's work and are sure you will be too." Pine Grove Press

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